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We are Volt Credit Union!

Community Financial Credit Union has been our name since 1999. Today, the energy of the banking industry is disappearing rapidly. Companies have resorted to grey walls, waiting rooms and loafers as the status quo. That’s why we’ve decided to zap some electricity back into banking, and that’s why we’re mixing things up. 

We are Volt Credit Union, and we’re restoring the energy that has been lost in the banking industry. This means we’re revolting against the status quo. 

We’re revolting against high-interest rates. Since we are a not-for-profit cooperative, we give our earnings back to our members and to our community. 

We’re revolting against suits and ties. You’ll find our team members in VOLT shirts instead of stuffy blazers.

We’re revolting against putting people in boxes. We understand that numbers don’t add up to make a person, and you’re more than your credit score or your account balance. 

We are Volt Credit Union.

We’re revolting against banking as usual, and we are thrilled you're on the journey with us!


Volt in the News

Chances are you've seen or heard the news that we are changing our name to Volt Credit Union. It's been all over social media, in Biz 417 Magazine, even on the front page of the Springfield Business Journal! We are very excited about this transition for our credit union.


Watch the Video: We Are Volt Credit Union!


Volt FAQs

What is the Credit Union’s new name?
As of July 25, 2018, Community Financial Credit Union is now Volt Credit Union. We are working on changing over all of our marketing materials, forms, signage, etc. to the new name and logo so you will be seeing both names for a short period.

Why are you changing the credit union's name?
The name “Community Financial Credit Union” is often confused with other financial institutions here in Springfield as well as credit unions with similar names in other states. The new name gives us an opportunity to differentiate us from other financial institutions as well as to reintroduce our credit union to people in our area.

Is the name change the result of a merger?
No. The credit union is not being merged with another financial institution. The credit union will continue to operate in exactly the same way, under the same board of directors and staff members whom you have come to know and trust.

Will my account number(s) change or do I need a new membership card?
No. Your account(s) will stay the same and your membership card with your account will still be valid.

Will I have to change my checks and/or debit card?
No. Your checks and debit cards will still work. As you order new checks or debit cards, you will receive the change showing the credit union’s new name.

Will my credit card still work?
Yes. It will work and when it is time to renew the card, you will receive your card reflecting the new name.

Will I have to re-enroll in Online or Mobile banking?
No. Everything will stay the same. But the branding for both of these will change over to Volt Credit Union in the near future.  We will communicate this change via email before it happens.

How will I find the credit union website?
For a long period of time, our current website will continue to work. As we roll out our new website, the current website will forward you to the new website, www.voltcu.org.

Will the hours be changing?
We have no plans at this time to change our hours. Our lobby and drive-thru hours will remain the same.

Will the telephone number stay the same?
Yes. Our local number 417-862-0471 and toll-free number 888-430-7199 will remain the same.

If you have other questions please call us!


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