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At Community Financial, we understand the importance of teaching children how to manage their money. Our aim is to help make that process easier by offering Youth Club accounts that can make saving fun as well as educational.

Share accounts may be opened for minors with the signature of a parent or guardian. The minimum opening balance for youth share accounts is $5.00. There is no minimum balance to obtain the disclosed annual percentage yield for primary shares of youth accounts.

Young members can get hands-on experience and begin establishing themselves with Student Checking and VISA Check Card (debit) accounts. The completion of the PARENTAL GUARANTEE form is required.

Newborn Accounts
KIRBY KANGAROO® Club (age 0-12)
Claim Your Youth (age 13-17)
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Community Financial Credit Union wants to help its youngest members get a good financial head start. We will deposit the initial $5 into new accounts for the new babies in their family (up to three months old).

Birth to 12 years old

Kirby Kangaroo

Just For Kids...

I'm happy to tell you about my savings club. It's named after me, KIRBY KANGAROO! The KIRBY KANGAROO Club is just for kids your age (birth-12) who are members of Community Financial Credit Union.

Learn About Saving Money and Have Fun, Too!

As a member of my Club, you'll get quarterly newsletters packed full of fun. You'll also be able to participate in special activities. It's a great way to learn about saving money.

Join Today!

Visit the Kirby Kangaroo Club website

All you have to do to join the KIRBY KANGAROO Club is open an account (a signature of Parent or Legal Guardian and the child's social security number is required) with a deposit of at least $5 at Community Financial Credit Union.

I'm very excited for you to join my Club. Together, we'll have a lot of fun! If you want more information, have your parents call or stop by the credit union.

Members 13 to 17 Years Old
Claim Your Youth

CU Succeed Logo

Claim Your Youth is a natural progression from the KIRBY KANGAROO Club. After teaching the importance of saving money to KIRBY KANGAROO Club members, we try to encourage teens to develop a responsible attitude toward money.

With the signature of a parent or guardian, Claim Your Youth members may be eligible to begin using services beyond savings accounts, such as checking, ATM or debit cards, and loans.

Visit the Claim Your Youth website
Linzee W. Leonard Scholarship


Visit these online links for some helpful hints on teaching your kids the importance of saving!

Thrive by Five
Eight simple, free activites--kid- and parent-tested--to help parents teach, talk about, and model good money management behavior.

FirstGov for Kids answers to money questions from government experts

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