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Q: How can you afford to pay that rate and refund ATM charges?
A: High Yield eChecking is an account that rewards members for using our automated services.  By using products like direct deposit and payroll deduction, e-Statements, eAccess, and Visa® Check Cards (debit cards), you are actually saving the cooperative money. We return the favor by paying a great dividend on balances and reimbursing you for ATM fees you might have been charged (up to $10 per month).

Q: Is this a teaser rate?
A: While the rate is variable, it is not a "teaser" promotion with a planned date to dramatically reduce the rate.

Q: Is there a minimum balance requirement on High Yield eChecking?
A: No.

Q: How will I know if I have qualified for the reward rate and ATM refunds?
A: You can log on to eAccess anytime to see if qualifiers are being met. 

Q: If I meet the qualifiers, how much do I have to have in the account to earn the high yield rate?
A: Qualifying account balances between $0 and $10,000 earn the High Yield Rate. Qualifying account balances above $10,000 will earn the Standard Rate. Dividends are paid monthly. 

Q: How are you refunding ATM surcharge fees?
A: Submit your original ATM receipt(s) to the credit union within 60 days of the transaction(s).

Q: Do ATM transactions count toward my 15 Check Card transactions?
A: No. Any time you are using your PIN number, it will not count toward the total.  Choose "credit" when using your Visa Check Card at retailers. Also, get in the habit of using your card for common purchases like groceries and gas. You'll be surprised how fast you get to 15.

Q: What are e-Statements?
A: e-Statement is the alternative to receiving paper statements. Once signed up, you will receive a monthly e-mail notifying you that your statement is ready. You can then log on to eAccess to view your current or past statements. A valid e-mail address is required. The service is free.

Q: What happens if I do not meet the qualifiers?
A: You will just not receive the High Yield Rate and ATM surcharges will not be refunded that month.

Q: I already have my checking at CFCU. Can I switch to this?
A: Absolutely. Just log in to your account on eAccess, click on the Checking Info link, then click on the High Yield eChecking link and follow the prompts. You won't need to reorder checks or switch out your debit card.

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